About Us
We are a China conglomerate backed private fund management and financial advisory firm

In 2010

Dektos was founded and became a proprietary trading member of Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT)

In 2011

Dektos became an Exempt Financial Adviser (“EFA”) and Exempt Fund Manager (“EFM”), where the exemption was granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”)

In 2013

With the tightening of the fund management regime in Singapore, Dektos upgraded to become a Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”) with the MAS.

In 2014

Dektos went through its first round of merger & acquisition where a prominent Singapore family office acquired majority of the shares.

In 2017

Dektos went through another round of merger & acquisition and was completely acquired by a China conglomerate.

Who We Are

Dektos Investment Corporation Pte. Ltd. (“Dektos”) is a China conglomerate backed private fund management and financial advisory firm headquartered in Singapore.



Simon Xie currently focuses on project investments in the distressed corporations by structuring the private placements in the equity /debt of both private and listed companies. Prior to joining Dektos, Simon used to work as an Executive Director in Xingang Investment Pte Ltd where he specialized in managing credit investment portfolio and assessing the emerging SMEs, each under SGD100 million assets.

The past career history of Simon has exposed him to carve many niches in the regional financial market, including all progressive positions from managing clientele relationship to an outstanding team leader in business units situated in the local and foreign banks. Simon is an expert in the industry for conducting the credit risk management and analysis on high efficiency when deal with a credit-financing project.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University. He leads Dektos to a new milestone in business achievement by providing financial advisory to many Accredited Clients (corporation) for turn-key in their businesses.



Before Dektos, DAR worked as an institutional trader specializing in global derivatives and FX markets. His decades of experience span through Bank of America Futures Inc (1989), Bankers Trust Futures Inc (1991), Barclays ZW Futures Inc (1992)and Smith Barney Shearson Inc (Citigroup 1994). Following his institutional tenures, Dar became a profitable Local trader on the floor of SIMEX.

Currently, DAR also speaks regularly on FM88.3 JIA and writes as a columnist for Borneo Post and Busy Weekly on Forex and Palm Oil analysis. DAR is also an associate member of International Rubber Research & Development Board (IRRDB) and speaks in annual Global Rubber Conference. His trainings and seminars have covered 17 countries with clients coming widely from Government ministries, Exchanges, Financial institutions and Brokers, Private corporations etc.

For his accolades and achievements, DAR has received the Spirit of Enterprise awarded by Singapore Management University in 2011; ASEAN Economic Award by Royal Privy Council of Thailand in 2012; Outstanding Award in International Financial Market Analysis by ASEAN Economics in Thailand 2015; Medal of Integrity awarded by Royal Palace of Palembang Indonesia in 2015.